Coloured Pigment Powder Manufacturer In India – Its Multiple Uses For Making Different Products

Posted by Admin on March, 18, 2024

Coloured pigment powder has a chalky texture and seems matte. Often, coloured pigment powder makes a good base when you want to add color to your art. Moreover, coloured pigment powders have a lot of pigment, making them great for producing makeup and other crafts. Unlike mica, pigment is not rather we mine for, but instead, something we have to make. This high-quality powder supplied by the coloured pigment powder manufacturer takes your art projects to the next level. Some recommend using both mica and coloured pigment powder for the best results since you’ll get that explosion of color, plus some added shine.

Common Uses of Colored Pigment Powder

Coloured pigment powder is multipurpose, as hobbyists across the board can use it to progress or add a splash of colour to whatever they generate. It works great in eyeshadow pallets, particularly if you want to make a dramatic colour.


Mica-colored pigment powder is also very versatile, and you won’t have to be concerned about it drying out. So, if you’re a fervent painter and need a group of colors, it’d be enhanced to invest in pigment. Plus, this saves you money in the long run, since the powder will never perish.

Bath Products

If you make soap, bath bombs, or lotion, then ponder adding some pigment and shimmering with a mica color pigment. Keep in mind that there is a variance between using coloured pigment powder and mica powder, exactly for bath and skincare products.

Pro Tip

If you make and sell bars of soap, you can sprinkle in a bit of mica pigment. This makes your product even more eye-catching by giving shine and some lovely colors.


Some use pigment to make cosmetics, and others use a mica-pigment blend to add colour and shimmer—two must-haves in cosmetics. When it comes to cosmetics, many use pigments to generate products.


Many also use coloured pigment powders for dyeing or adding some depth to resin. If you add mica to a piece, remember to use a suitable amount to ensure your piece turns out well. This means using more thinner pieces to completely get that glowing look.


Some artists also use mica and coloured pigment powders to add to their woodworking masterpieces, making home décor even more exclusive. Many combine the powder with lacquer or topcoat, and then paint it on the wood.

Tips for Using Mica Colored Pigment Powder

Keep in mind that the way you use pigments may differ depending on the kind of use. Those applying pigment to a shape will dip the brush in the powder, then apply it to a gel topcoat and apply heat before smearing the final clear coat.

If you’re new to using mica and coloured pigment powder with resin, then consider dusting the dies with your powder rather than mixing it into the powder. This makes a unique look, and you won’t have to be concerned about pouring too much powder into your resin.

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